Close your eyes for a second, and try to imagine a city that's kinda bad, but kinda good. It's kinda hard here sometimes. It's hard to make money here. You could probably only get a job at McDonald's or something like that. You can stay alive, though. But with James you never know what's gonna happen...

Verse 1:
Everywhere I look, there were bikes going missing
The truth of the matter is I'd rather be fishing
But I'm a cop, and I gotta do my job
And stop those guys who kill and rob
We had a feeling that we knew who was behind it
We found a letter, and guess who signed it
It was James; it said so at the bottom
We looked at each other and said, "Yep, we got him."
So we started to hand out some posters
And the weather was hotter than a toaster
At first we didn't have any luck
Until we met up with a guy named Chuck
Chuck said his bike got took last night
But he didn't let it go without putting up a fight
James fell down, and he dropped a little map
We knew where to find him; he was chilling at the Trap

Hook: 2X
Oh, James thinks that he's tough
Well, me and my boy Money Maker Mike think we've had enough
Beating us up and stealing our bikes
It just isn't right; we're coming for you tonight

Verse 2:
We got to the Trap; Mike went around the back
James busted out the front; he was wearing all black
Had a friend inside the truck, so he jumped into the back
Hit the gas, man, he was gone just like that
But I looked over, and I saw a go-kart
I turned the key, hit the gas, but it won't start
Then out of nowhere, fires right up
Then I spot the truck, and my eyes light up
I hit the gas, and I peel out of the driveway
I'm hitting corners, and that boy's going sideways
But finally, I catch up to the truck
But I notice the accelerator's stuck
The go-kart spins out of control
At full speed, I hit a telephone pole
There's nothing left to say; James got away
But I knew deep down we would catch him one day

Hook: 2X

Krispy Kreme! That's right baby...and Money Maker Mike, baby. Making another hit for you guys. I know you like this one. That's all we do. We're doing this for 2012, baby! We make one hit, and then we make another hit, and then we make another hit. Uh-huh. We just keep making hits. (Meh neh newp, meh neh newp.) That's all we know how to do, baby! We outta here...that's all we know how to do. We got money to make. You understand that? Peace out. Making classics, son, classics! Yeah!