Mr. Kane

Mr. Christopher Kane Is An Old Man That James Has Been Living With As Well As Selling Bikes Out Of His Shed And Making Fun Trip With.

Nobody Knew Much Of Anything About Mr. Kane." -Froggy Fresh

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Mr. Kane Is An Old Man That Wears Blue, And Is The One Producing All Of The Fun Trip, Along with Big Blue, James And Vinnie Velvet.

Him And James

In The Intro Portion Of The Music Video For "Stolen Bikes 2" It Is Explained That James Has Been Living With Mr. Kane, For A While And Selling Fun Trip, And Bikes Out Of His Shed. In This Video Their Is No Other Information About Mr. Kane.

Fun Trip

At The Beginning Of The The Music Video For "Fun Trip" We See Mr. Kane Put A Box Full Of Fun Trip Packets, At The Top Of A Staircase. These Are Of Course, The Fun Trip That James Sells Throughout The Video.

In "Push Me"

During The Dream Froggy Fresh Has About Mike, In The Music Video For "Push Me" After Froggy See's Mike Dying On The Couch, He Then Walks Out Of The Room Where The Couch Is, And Sees An Allusion Of Someone He Has Never Seen Before, Mr. Kane. Mr. Kane Then Starts Playing The Piano, In Front Of Froggy, Then He Woke Up. To Head Off To Mr. Kane's House To Save Mike.


The Music Video For "Stolen Bikes 3", It Starts With A Radio Show Taking Calls To See Who Can Make The Most Creative Answer To The Question "How Do They Make Fun Trip?" The Audio Plays While You See The Actual Process To Making Fun Trip, But While This Is Going On The Third Caller Calls In, And Gets The Process Completely Correct, But When The Host (Marvin Hart.) Asks For This Callers Name The Caller Replies.

"Names Kane, Christopher Kane." -Mr. Kane

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