Michael Myers
Michael Myers
Gender Male
First appearance "Halloween II"
Latest appearance "Zombie in My Basement"

Michael Myers is a serial killer who James dressed up as for Halloween one year.[1] The next year he actually appeared to Froggy Fresh and Money Maker Mike, chasing them around the town and finally cleaving off Froggy's arm with a lightsaber. He has Froggy in a chokehold, Froggy used the Force to pull his lightsaber to him and took off Michael Myers's arm as well. Leaving Michael supposedly for dead, Froggy ran off.[2]

Michael has a cameo appearance in Nightmare On My Street. He appears in the dream world of Froggy and Mike, laughing at Farty Krueger's deformed face[3] and at Zombie Mike's losing at Froggy Fresh's games.[4]

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