Giant Jimmy

Giant Jimmy Is One Of Jame's Best Friends, And Made His First Appearance In Good Guy Shoes.

"Giant Jimmy, Giant, Giant Jimmy, Tall, White, Skinny And He's Rollin' Through Your City." -Froggy Fresh


Giant Jimmy Weigh's 150 Pounds, And Is 6,6 Which Was Revealed in The Song "Giant Jimmy."

Giant Jimmy In Good Guy Shoes

During The Lattar Half Of The Music Video, The Possessed Froggy Fresh Goes To Jimmy, And Threatens Him For Anything He Has On Him, But After Froggy Fresh Finishes His Verse To Jimmy, Giant Jimmy Then Proceeds To Take Out His Switch Blade, And Starts To Stick Froggy Fresh In His Chest And Stomach.

Driveway Championship Game 2

In The Intro To Giant Jimmy It Is Explained That After Game 1 Of The Driveway Championship, James Called FF And Asked If Game 2 Could Be A Three On Three Game, Froggy Said 'Yes" And So Froggy Added Gator Jones And James Added Jimmy.  During The Actual Game, Jimmy Was Crushing Gator , Mike And Froggy, To The Point Were Gator Quit. Later In The Game, Referee Tony Call's A Foul On Jimmy, Which Jimmy Did Not Like Whatsoever, So Then Jimmy Pulls Out His Switch Blade (Just Like He Did In "Good Guy Shoes ".) And Starts Stabbing Tony , Then Tony Punches Back At Jimmy, But Jimmy Just keeps Stabbing Him. Unfortunately, This Keeps Going On, Until Jimmy Drags Ref Tony , Through the Yard To His Car, And Came Back, With Nothing But A Bag. After Seeing This, Froggy And Money Maker Mike Both Called The Police.

"Son Not Even We Can Stop Giant Jimmy."  -The Police

Game 3 Of The Driveway Championship

In The Song "The Last Shot " Jimmy Is Present During The Third Game Of The Driveway Championship Giant Jimmy Tries To Block Froggy Fresh , But Fails.

"Oh, Giant Jimmy's So Tall."  -Froggy Fresh

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