Billy Smith

Billy Smith Is One Of Jame's Clients, Who He Sells Bikes To.

"I Sold Both Your Bikes To Billy Smith Last June." -James

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Billy Smith Is The Person Who James Sold Froggy Fresh's And Money Maker Mike's Bikes To, In The June Of 2013.

Break In At Mr. Kane's

When Money Maker Mike And Froggy Fresh Broke Into Mr. Kane's House To Finally Get Their Bikes Back From James In May Of 2014, James Found Out, He Then Tracked Them Down, And When He Found Them He Punched Froggy, And Mike, But Mike Had Spinach And Scared Him Off, But James Came Back Shortly After, With His Own Spinach, But At This Point Mike And Froggy Have Had Enough Of Jame's Crap, So Mike Angrily Asks James To Work Something Out To Finally Get Their Bikes Back, But Then James Unfortunately Breaks The News To FF And Mike, That He Sold Their Bikes To Billy Last June. (June Of 2013.)

"Really James? Really? First You Steal Our Bikes Then You Sell Them Both To Billy?" -Froggy Fresh

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