Big Blue
Big Blue
Gender Male
First appearance "Dunked On"
Latest appearance "Street Rangers 2"

Big Blue is James' sidekick in a few Froggy Fresh songs.

He and James challenged Froggy and Mike to a basketball game at Kevin's house. Whenever they scored, the ball fell on top of James, and he began crying. Eventually, he was beaten.[1]

He dressed up as a basketball player for Halloween one year.[2]

He dressed up Venom and kidnapped Yung Rob along with James. They put dynamite on him and set a timer for it to detonate. However, when the Street Rangers arrived, Big Blue fought, throwing silly string at them, but ended up being clubbed unconscious.[3]

Appearances Edit

Dunked on Street rangers Stolen bikes

References Edit

"Dunked On"

"Good Guy Shoes"

"Haloween II"

"Street Rangers 2"

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